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International Day of Peace 2012

International Day of Peace: Secretary- General Mesage 

There is so much happening across the planet during the entire weekend of Sept. 21st to Sept. 23rd for this year's global observance of the International Day of Peace.  It is impossible to cover it all - and that's good!  This exemplifies the extent of this observance, and how many sectors of society have embraced this occasion; and it indicates that the observance of International Day of Peace is becoming more and more mainstream.

Here are some of the Highlights:

Peace Day TV

The 2012 Peace Day Global Broadcast will be live from over 40 locations in more than 25 countries, including concerts from Australia, Nepal, Africa, Europe, the United States and South America; plus, dozens of documentaries from the UN and various NGO's, and statements from celebrities, peacebuilders across the planet. Partners include Mayors For Peace, Rotary International, Pathways To Peace, Unity Foundation, World Peace Prayer Society, International Association of Peace Messenger Cities, and so many more.  This year's Global Broadcast on Peace Day TV will last for 3 days (from Thurs. afternoon, Sept. 20th  until Sun. afternoon Sept. 23rd) and is already embedded in well over 1,000 websites. Check out the preview here, and for instructions to embed the PeaceDay.TV player on a website visit.

Peace Day Worldwide on Conversation Radio

The Joan Kenley Show annual International Day of Peace radio program features peace leaders from coast to coast, such as: Charles Gibbs of the United Religions Initiative, Avon Mattison of Pathways To Peace, Louise Diamond of Global Systems Initiatives, Dot Maver of the National Peace Academy and Department of Peace Initiative, Patricia Smith Melton of Peace X Peace, and Robert Muller (R.I.P), University of Peace; Former UN Assistant Secretary General - with music by Gary Malkin and Merrill Collins.  You can listen online or download on demand 24/7 - all shows are archived at the web site below.  They are also Podcast on iTunes & the Top Ten Podcast Directories.  The show is now available here.


 Hundreds of art institutions worldwide, from Australia to Zimbabwe, are supporting films4peace to celebrate the International Day of Peace.  Films4peace is an annual short film commissioned by PUMA.Peace.  It features 21 of today's most innovative artists visually interpreting the subject of peace.  Live screenings will accompany the online release at major museums globally, including the Bass Museum of Art (Miami, USA) and the Design Museum (London, UK); and in public urban spaces, such as the City of Barcelona (Spain) and the University of Cape Town in South Africa.  The films include live action, experimental animation, and fine art; they are only 30 to 90 seconds in length to facilitate online as well as live screenings.  Films4peace are both disturbing and inspiring, responsive to the reality of our time; but they also ask us to be responsible for our actions, to make the world a better place - a world that is safer, more peaceful and more creative.  

In keeping with the spirit of the commission, these films will be gifted to the world, within the public domain - and available for screening cost free, as tools for peace.  By releasing these short films as broadly as possible, on multiple live and virtual platforms, the aim is to effect positive social change and broaden the discussions around peace globally.  These art films will be released online on the International Day of Peace (21 September) on a dedicated films4peace website, and through social networking, on-line newsletters, and video sharing sites and blogs.  Here is where you can get more information and sign up to see them upon their release.